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With so many healthy foods on the market and conflicting advice always being thrown at you from a million directions,  you can get wrapped up for hours deliberating over nut butter or even, which plant-based milk to pop in your coffee.

Well, if you’re a regular reader of our mag you will know that once a year the WH Food Awards analyse the healthiest foods on the market. Why? So you don’t have to. 

We round up a panel of leading health and wellness figures to scrutinise ingredients, taste products and select the actually healthy foods from the ones that just say they are. The over-use of ‘high protein’ on any healthy snack that contains a nut being case in point. 

If you’re always on-the-go and barely have time to make a shopping list, let alone meal-prep (we feel you), our judges have picked out their top supermarket healthy foods to pop in your basket. Your weekly shop is basically done.

And with a panel of four nutrition experts plus one mega-foodie magazine editor, they definitely know how to filter out healthy snacks from the healthy crap. 

Without further ado, let us present the WH Food Award winners and highly commended of 2017 (this year’s will be crowned in September).

The Judges

Claire Sanderson Editor, Women’s Health

Rob Hobson Nutritionist, food consultant and co-author of The Detox Kitchen Bible

Laura Tilt Nutritionist and Women’s Health columnist

Miguel Toribio-Mateas Nutritional therapist

Eve Kalinik Nutritional therapist, food consultant and author of Be Good To Your Gut


Healthiest foods: Breakfast

Alt/non-dairy milk: A2 Semi-Skimmed Milk

‘Research has shown, for some, that lactose intolerance may actually be an inability to digest A1, a protein found in cow’s milk. This could be the answer if you suffer from bloating and cramps after consuming cow’s milk. Genius!’ – LT

Healthy foods, a2 non-dairy milk

A2 Semi-Skimmed Milk, £1.35, Sainsbury’s

Alt/non-dairy milk: Rude Health Organic Cashew Drink

Healthy foods, rude health cashew drink

Rude Health Organic Cashew Drink, £3, Waitrose

Yoghurt: SKYR Simply Natural

‘As a great source of protein and low in fat, this is a great alternative to Greek yoghurt and with a slightly sweeter taste. Perfect to start the day.’ – RH

Healthy foods, skyr natural yogurt

SKYR Simply Natural, £1.80, Waitrose

Yoghurt: Yeo Valley Natural

Healthy foods, yeo valley natural yogurt

Yeo Valley Natural, £.55, Tesco

Non-dairy yoghurt: Sojade So Soya Natural Yoghurt

‘A source of highly bioavailable protein, containing all 12 essential amino acids, without the unnecessary additives found in many so-called ‘clean alternatives.’’ – MTM

Healthy foods, so soya non-dairy yogurt

Sojade So Soya Natural Yoghurt, £1.45, Planet Organic

Bread: Profusion Organic Protein Bread Rye and Flax

‘Just one slice of this dense rye bread provides a fifth of your recommended daily intake of fibre (30g). It’s also a good source of filling protein and contains as range of seeds that will offer the health benefits of healthy fats including omega 3.’ – RH

Healthy foods, pro fusion protein bread

Profusion Organic Protein Bread Rye and Flax, £2.89, Ocado

Bread: Biona Organic Rye Amaranth/Quinoa Bread

Healthy foods, biona rye bread

Biona Organic Rye Amaranth/Quinoa Bread, £1.75, Tesco

Nut butter: Meridian Crunchy Almond Butter

‘I’m obsessed with this spread; it’s divine. Almonds are a source of pre-biotic fibre that helps keep your gut bacteria happy and nourished, plus they produce a number of natural chemicals that keep your brain happy too.’ – MTM

Healthy foods, meridian crunchy almond butter

Meridian Crunchy Almond Butter, £3.95, Sainsbury’s

Nut butter: Raw Ecstasy Activated Almond Butter

Healthy foods, almond butter

Raw Ecstasy Activated Almond Butter, £6.49, Planet Organic

Cereal: Rude Health Organic Sprouted Porridge Oats

‘I can’t function without my morning oats. These are sprouted, making them easier to digest, naturally gluten-free and have a deliciously creamy flavour.’ – CS

Healthy foods, rude health sprouted porridge oats

Rude Health Organic Sprouted Porridge Oats, £4.99, Holland & Barrett

Healthiest foods: Protein rich foods

Protein Powder: Neat Nutrition Whey Protein

‘Not only does it taste good, each serving provides a generous dose of protein with very little sugar. Whey is faster acting than other sources so it’s great straight after exercise.’ – RH

Healthy foods, neat nutrition whey protein

Neat Nutrition Whey Protein, chocolate, £34,

Protein Powder: Vega Clean Protein Vanilla

Healthy foods, vega clean protein

Vega Clean Protein Vanilla, £26.99, Holland & Barrett

Healthiest snacks

Protein ball/bar: Pulsin Protein Booster Vanilla Choc Chip

‘A great option for mid-afternoon munchies – with 13g of plant protein and a fifth of your daily fibre intake, it’ll keep you going until dinner’ – LT

Healthy foods, pulsin protein booster vanilla choc chip

Pulsin Protein Booster Vanilla Choc Chip, £1.89, Holland & Barrett

Protein ball/bar: Primal Pantry Protein Bar Cocoa Brownie

Healthy foods, primal pantry paleo protein bar

Primal Pantry Protein Bar Cocoa Brownie, £2.19, Holland & Barrett

Chocolate: Loving Earth Organic Dark Chocolate

‘So many chocolates contain emulsifiers that interfere with gut bacteria, but this has just two ingredients: cacao and coconut sugar. Plus the cacao is ethically sourced.’ MTM

Healthy foods, loving earth organic dark chocolate

Loving Earth Organic Dark Chocolate, £4.99, Holland & Barrett

Chocolate: IQ Superfood Chocolate Cacoa-Nib Crunch

Healthy foods, iq chocolate

IQ Superfood Chocolate Cacoa-Nib Crunch, £1.99, Holland & Barrett

Crisp/cracker: RW Garcia Black Bean and Quinoa Tortilla Chips

‘These are packed with flavour and easily-digestible ingredients but contain less salt than many other options on the market. They’re sturdy, too, so hold toppings well.’ – CS

Healthy foods, rw garcia black bean and quinia tortilla chips

RW Garcia Black Bean and Quinoa Tortilla Chips, £2.25, Dolphin Fitness

Crisp/cracker: Raw Health Organic Flax Pumpkin Crackers

Healthy foods, raw flax pumpkin crackers

Raw Health Organic Flax Pumpkin Crackers, £4.49, Ocado

Dip: Waitrose Duchy Organic Houmous

Healthy foods, waitrose duchy organic houmous

Waitrose Duchy Organic Houmous, £1.65, Waitrose

Snack pot: Tesco Egg and Spinach Protein Pot

‘A source of good quality protein from the free-range egg plus fibre and folate from the spinach. Dream team’ – MTM

Healthy foods, tesco egg and spinach protein pot

Tesco Egg and Spinach Protein Pot, £1.50, Tesco

Snack pot: Jake’s Boost Tiger Boost Snack Pot

Healthy foods, jakes boost snack pot

Jake’s Boost Tiger Boost Snack Pot, £2.20,

Healthy foods for baking

Sweetener: Biona Organic Apple Juice Concentrate

‘Made from 100% apples, this is surprisingly sweet and a good natural alternative to processed table sugar.’ – LT

Healthy foods, biona organic apple juice concentrate

Biona Organic Apple Juice Concentrate, £4.19, Healthy Supplies

Sweetener: Truvia

Healthy foods, truvia

Truvia, £5, Tesco

Flour: Doves Farm Wholemeal Buckwheat Flour

‘Buckwheat is a fab wheat-free option, and works brilliantly in pancakes and baking. A great choice for anyone following a FODMAP diet.’ – LT

Healthy foods, doves farm wholemeal buckwheat flour

Doves Farm Wholemeal Buckwheat Flour, £3, Sainsbury’s

Flour: Rude Health Organic Sprouted Whole Buckwheat Flour

Healthy foods, rude health sprouted buckwheat flour

Rude Health Organic Sprouted Whole Buckwheat Flour, £6.19, Holland & Barrett

Grains: Sowan’s Natural Buckwheat

‘A good source of magnesium (a 100g serving contains 21% of your daily intake), which is great for brain health. This nutty wheat-free grain can be added to everything from porridge to soups, sauces and salads.’ – CS

healthy foods, sowan's natural buckwheat

Sowan’s Natural Buckwheat, £2.59, Holland & Barrett

Grains: Organic Amaranth Grain

Healthy foods, amaranth

Organic Amaranth Grain, £3.41 for 1kg,

Superfood: Udo’s Choice Beyond Greens

‘This is one of my favourite shortcuts to a breakfast smoothie or bowl that’s high in fibre, polyphenols and essential vitamins for energy and cellular function. It also works well as a shot diluted in water.’ – MTM

healthy foods, udo green powder

Udo’s Choice Beyond Greens, £24.99, Planet Organic

Superfood powder: Aduna Super-Cacao Premium Blend Cacao Powder

Healthy foods, aduna super cacao powder

Aduna Super-Cacao Premium Blend Cacao Powder, £7.99, Ocado

Healthiest condiments/sauces

Oil: Biona Organic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

‘A reasonably priced oil that is cold pressed, which means the anti-inflammatory benefits are preserved. Fantastic for dressings and salads.’ – LT

Healthy foods, biona organic italian extra virgin olive oil

Biona Organic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, £13.99, Ocado

Dressing: Lucy’s Low Sugar Raspberry Dressing

‘A low salt and sugar solution to adding instant flavour to your salad leaves.’ – RH

healthy foods, lucy's raspberry dressing

Lucy’s Low Sugar Raspberry Dressing, £3.99, Ocado

Dressing: The Coconut Company Organic Coconut Vinegar

Healthy foods, coconut vinegar

The Coconut Company Organic Coconut Vinegar, £4.99, Planet Organic

Sauce: Rubies in the Rubble Fiery Tomato Ketchup

‘Super tasty ketchup that contains lower levels of sugar and a spicy kick – plus it’s not high in salt. Also a huge thumbs up for fighting food waste!’ – LT

Healthy foods, rubies in the rubble fiery tomato ketchup

Rubies in the Rubble Fiery Tomato Ketchup, £2.99, Ocado

Sauce: Biona Hot Pepper Sauce

Healthy foods, biona hot pepper sauce

Biona Hot Pepper Sauce, £2.99, Planet Organic

Healthiest Drinks

Cold beverage: Sandows Cold Brew Coffee

‘This blew my mind. It’s smooth, with a smoky aftertaste. Coffee enhances the production of ketones, which fuel the brain and balance the body.’ MTM

Healthy foods, sandows cold brew coffee

Sandows Cold Brew Coffee, £2.99, Ocado

Juice/Smoothie: Plenish Fuel Organic Green Cold Pressed Juice

‘I love these juices because they’re organic so you can rest assured that the vitamins you’re getting – in this instance, a host of B vitamins, vitamin X and magnesium – are at their optimum to provide an on-the-go energy boost.’ – EK

Healthy foods, plenish fuel organic green cold pressed juice

Plenish Fuel Organic Green Cold Pressed Juice, £4.95, Waitrose

Juice/Smoothie: Moju Cold Pressed The Green Juice

Healthy foods, moju cold pressed juice

Moju Cold Pressed The Green Juice, £2.95,

Healthiest Ready Meals

Tesco: Beautifully Balanced Red Thai Chicken Curry

‘A nutritious and delicious blend that delivers on protein and fibre, while staying low in salt.’ – RH

Healthy foods, tesco beautifully balanced red thai chicken curry

Beautifully Balanced Red Thai Chicken Curry, £3, Tesco

Asda: High in Protein Moroccan Chicken & Butternut Squash Falafels

‘With two of your five a day and 33g of protein, this meal wins nutritionally. Plus it tastes delicious.’ – CS

Healthy foods, asda high in protein moroccan chicken  butternut squash falafels

High in Protein Moroccan Chicken & Butternut Squash Falafels, £3.25, Asda

Waitrose: LoveLife Mushroom & Aubergine Ragu

‘This veggie meal clocks in less than 200 calories – but contains a third of your daily fibre intake from two (or even three) of your five-a-day.’ – LT

Healthy foods, waitrose lovelife mushroom aubergine ragu

LoveLife Mushroom & Aubergine Ragu, £3.50, Waitrose

Independent brand: Bol Sri Lankan Lentil Sambar

‘Tasty, spicy and rich in vegetables. It also contains only 9g refined carbs per 100g, which makes it a good option for those watching their weight’ – MTM

Healthy foods, bol sri lankan lentil sambar

Bol Sri Lankan Lentil Sambar, £3, Tesco

Need a dinner for when you’re in a hurry? Try these healthy ready meals or pop in the healthiest microwave ready meal.