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Times are a changin. Whereas a few Easters ago, egg options for those of you who prefer not to, or simply can’t, eat dairy were, well, limited – at best; today free-from offerings have had quite the transformation.

And they’re giving other, more traditional healthy Easter eggs, a run for their money – as well as vying for their place on supermarket shelves.

With at least 542,000 people in the UK identifying as vegan in the last 2016 survey, and a whopping 168,542 people taking part in this year’s veganuary, a 183% increase on last year, it would appear that veganism is well and truly on the up.

Luckily, some of the country’s best chocolatiers have risen to the challenge to make sure that the vegan among you are not stuck on Easter Sunday eating a tangerine while your bestie scoffs a Lindt Bunny. They’ve made a selection of vegan Easter eggs for you to choose from.

So where to start when there are so many vegan Easter eggs to choose from?

It was a tough job but someone had to do it – read on for the WH pick of the best vegan Easter eggs on the market.

#disclaimer: they’re so good, your whole family will want in on the action. Enjoy.


Moo Free Cheeky Orange Egg

If you usually spend your Christmas looking for an alternative to Terry’s chocolate orange, Easter may have just won out. Moo Free’s chocolate orange egg uses orange oil to infuse the tangy flavours into the dairy-free milk chocolate. If you’re not an orange fan, switch to their Bunnycomb egg, which is made using their own signature vegan honeycomb toffee. Yes, please.

Vegan easter eggs, moo free organic orange egg, £4


Lindt Excellence 70% Dark Easter Egg

You can’t end Easter Sunday without having a mouthful of the antioxidant-rich dark stuff. And, thanks to this superpowered chocolate egg, you won’t. Best bit? It comes with a selection of mini vegan Easter eggs too, so you can devour the main event then still have a little sweet treat to eke out throughout the week. If you can resist temptation, obvs.

Vegan easter eggs, lindt excellence dark 70 cocoa egg, £12


Booja Booja Fine De Champagne Large Easter Egg

Not only does this egg forego the chocolate shell, but each handmade champagne truffle is made sans highly-saturated palm oil and sugar; they’re made using natural coconut oil and agave syrup, instead. They still pack a seriously chocolatey punch though, so you’ll only need one or two to satisfy your sweet tooth. Win.

Vegan easter eggs, booja booja fine de champagne chocolate truffles egg, £24.99


Hotel Chocolat Hard Boiled Ginger Chocolate Easter Egg

If you’re one for strong flavours then this 70% dark chocolate egg is for you. It is made with spicy ginger oil and has hazelnuts and pieces of ginger nestled into the thick chocolate. Sweet, chocolatey and even a tad sophisticated. Oh and did we mention that ginger has been scientifically shown to boost your immune system and help ease digestion? You’re welcome.

Vegan easter eggs, hotel chocolat dark chocolate ginger easter egg, £16


Marks & Spencer Made Without Dairy Dark Chocolate Egg

This egg is an ideal chocolate fix for vegans. From the Made Without Dairy range, it’ll satisfy Easter chocolate cravings, without all the bells and whistles to distract. The focus is on the taste of the chocolate, and it’s definitely worth it. Plus it comes in at just £7 all in. Bargain.

Vegan easter eggs, marks and spencer made without dairy dark chocolate easter egg

Marks & Spencer, £7


Plamil Organic Milk Chocolate Alternative Mini Half Eggs

If you can’t quite handle a whole Easter egg, these little treats are perfect. Pick at them after dinner or keep them in your gymbag or at your desk for when you need a sweet fix. Though be warned, you’ll get through them so quick you’ll wish you had stocked up on proper vegan Easter eggs as well.

Vegan easter eggs, plamil organic mini half eggs, £3.25


Lindt Dark Chocolate Easter Bunny

The gold-foiled ears. The bow around the neck. And of course the bell. No Easter is complete without a Lindt bunny. Well now vegans can join in the fun, as everyone’s favourite Easter treat also comes in a not-so-well-known dark chocolate flavour, which happens to be dairy-free. The bunny contains only vegan ingredients but, beware, it is made in the same factory as it’s original sister bunny, so could contain traces of milk.

Vegan easter eggs, lindt bunny dark chocolate, £4.50

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